Experience Fresh Thinking
with the Whether System™

If you're pondering or procrastinating about a worry or concern, now is the best time to energize your thinking.  Equally, if you're buzzing with ideas, broaden your perspective to make the right decision at the right time, in less time, using our simple systems.

The Whether System™ is an advanced lateral and literal thinking and decision making tool.  Use it to:

  • Disrupt your usual thinking to give yourself fresh perspective.
  • Broaden your outlook and strengthen your vision.
  • Quickly and easily make the right decision in record time.

Working with metaphors of the weather, you'll explore your situation; your problem, challenge, idea, project or plans, from different points of view, all of which are relevant to you and your perspective. 

This will help you to clarify your own understanding, prioritise your actions and plan your progress, knowing how to avoid potential pitfalls and where to find fast tracks.

Used in business, innovation, entrepreneurship and education, it doesn't matter if you are a lone individual exploring your own mind or a group looking to gain collective consensus easily, effectively and with everyone actively engaged. 


Success Cycles™ and Happiness Wheels™ give you navigation skills and smart, sharp diagnostic tools indicating how to quickly improve your situation.

  • If you're procrastinating, get to the root of the real issue with insight and inspiration - the motivation you need to succeed.
  • If you're suffering from creative stagnation, use these simple systems to unleash your creative flow again.
  • If you're simply unsure about your next best move the begin by better understanding your intentions and ambitions.

Once you know where you're really starting from and why you're driven to change this situation, you add energy and commitment to your actions.  With clear intentions; passion and purpose, the work become a pleasure with success following as a matter of course.

Experiencing Fresh Thinking Is About Investing Time In Your Mind And Empowering Your Mindset.

Part 1 | Foundations for Fresh Thinking, Fast
Starting where you're at, to successfully forge forward a stronger, healthier interaction with you and your mind, as a fresh way to maximise your potential.

Part 2 | Setting Yourself Up For Sustainable Success
Strengthening your mindset and rekindling your passion and purpose as you start closing the gap between now and your goals quickly, easily and sustainably.

Part 3 | Your Guided Fresh Thinking Exercise 
21-minutes or 42-minutes (your choice) diving deeply into your thoughts and insight to deliver fresh perspective, ideas and a clear way forward, fast.

Part 4 | Finding Extra Value In Added Results
Extrating the insight you need to empower your own ideas by learning how to objectively observe your own thoughts, setting you up as your own best therapist.

Part 5 | What next? From Mind Maps to Strong Strategy
Leaving you with a clear strategy map and the knowlege of what to do when you next find yourself feeling stuck, in steps you can easily apply.

Your trainer, Celia Gates, the creator of the Whether System™, will guide you throught this advanced thinking training.

Experiencing Fresh Thinking Is About Investing Time In Your Mind And Empowering Your Mindset.

On this training you're guaranteed to:

  • Upgrade your mindset to maximise your potential.
  • Improve your critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Advance your ideas whilst generating new and fresh thoughts.
  • Create a clear map and strategy you beleive and can achieve.
  • Become more innovative and creative as a thought-leader.
  • Feel refreshed, invigorated and even excited about your ideas.

30-Day Unrestricted Guarantee

If you're not happy with this training, if you find it's simply not for you, we don't wish to restrict you.  Our vision is to further embolden your mission.  Let us know your position within the first 30 days.

We'll refund your full investment with no further questions.

Invest In This Training And Start Energizing Your Thinking Immediately:

Experience Energizing Fresh Thinking Training

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