Facilitate Fresh Thinking
with the Whether System™

For Leaders, Thought-Influencers, Managers, Teachers, Team-Builders, Coaches or Consultants, Mentors, Trainers and Facilitators; upgrade more mindsets, further advance ideas and facilitate fresh thinking for your group using our strong system.


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Mindsets Are Muddled

Mental health issues are thought to affect 1 in 6 people at any point in time, more common than a cold!

Meetings Are Inefficient

Time is wasted endlessly in organisations and by people debating decisions based on limiting opinions.

Creativity Is Crippled

Communities crumble without creative and constructive energy because destructive forces take hold.

Defensive Cultures Prevail

90% of our communities and companies operate with counter-productive cultures at their core.

We Need More People, Like You, Who...

...Clarify Missions

With objective observation, you'll add fresh perspective to a bigger picture.

...Create Culture

Empowering authenticity in cultures celebrating diversity unleashes innovative ideas.

...Power Productivity

Your energy is inspiring so, ensure you know how to find fuel as you energize others.

...Maximise Minds

Real rewards in the results; lights in the eyes of others or sparks of imagination.

...Share 'Visdom'

Visdom is 'visionary wisdom' and the ability to imagin'eer what's likely to occur.

Could your people benefit from better meeting facilitation, quality innovation, clearer communication or core critical and creative thinking competancies, focus, fresh ideas, deeper insight and empowered, aligned minds?

Integrate extra income easily into your activity and add instantly to the value you deliver as you become a strong thought leader in your sector by signing up to learn how to better facilitate fresh thinking. 

Find Fresh Perspective, Make New Connection and Develop Skills to Work Better with Diverse People and Facilitate Fresh Thinking.

7-Weekly Steps to Fearless Fresh Thinking Facilitation
With the Whether System™

  • Sep 4, 2019

    Week 1 | Fresh Foundations for Design Thinking

    Cyclic success applies personally and professionally.  Covering the crux of this training as applied to your current position.  Advancing critical and creative thinking to design decisions constructively.

  • Sep 11, 2019

    Week 2 | Vision and Mission, Mind and Strategy Mapping

    The art and science of facilitation leverages higher order listening skills and clear communication.  Broad perspectives prevail.  Learn to efficiently extract essential information and stimulate innovation. 

  • Sep 18, 2019

    Week 3 | Fearless Facilitation and the Roots of Innovation

    Confidence is created and you'll learn how, quickly and with lasting effects. Facilitation makes processes and systems easier and simpler, we'll share proven tools and techniques. 

  • Sep 25, 2019

    Week 4 | Preparation, Planning, Process and Presentation

    Managing expectation, excelling on delivery and leaving a lasting legacy, build a sustainable business.  Having pre-prepared session plans and presentations tools kits facilitates your use of them on the day.

  • Oct 2, 2019

    Week 5 | Connection, Contribution, Division and Diversity

    Keys, killers and carrying on in all conditions.  From conflict resolution to innovation generation, the more diverse your group, the greater the perspective and probability for real, rewarding progress.

  • Oct 9, 2019

    Week 6 | Insightful Value and Inspired Imagineering

    How do you value creativity?  When is a good idea, good enough?  Playing, coaching and prospering in your position.  Better connecting with higher-order understanding, critical and creative empathy.   

  • Oct 16, 2019

    Week 7 | Visdom and Paths to Mastery

    The Whether Reporter™ role holds influence and responsibility.  You, over all, see the bigger picture.  Such visions need sharing objectively and constructively to sustain powerful, positive transformation.

  • Nov 1, 2019

    Bonus Ongoing Support

    Designed to boost business and delivered on a monthly basis with access to CT Coaching Calls as needed, ensuring you find joy fulfilling your fresh thinking facilitators role, using the Whether System™.

Weekly Interactivity On A Sunday, Wednesday And Thursday*: 

Weekly Webinar

Cohort Call

1-to-1 Interaction

Group Presentation

Better Preparation

*Live delivery will be recorded should you be unable to attend a specific session, you may watch this later and refer to it again.

Delivered Using Multi-Media* Connectivity:



Google apps


Group Connection

Direct Contact

*Platforms and media methods may change subject to group needs and technology availability.  You'll be sent details and we'll work together to ensure that you have access to all the material, despite the time zone you are in or your technical ability.

Use this training to:

  • Better plan and Develop Strategy
  • Facilitate Group Decision Making
  • Add insight Keyman Coaching
  • Boost Leadership Training
  • Effective Board Mediation
  • Energize Team Building
  • Add Value to Away Days
  • Efficient Conflict Resolution
  • Vision and Mission clarification
  • Generate ideas and Innovation
  • Constructive Project Meetings
  • Engaging Customer Forums
  • Evaluate Stakeholder Surveys
  • Lead great Group Conferences
  • Consolidate Events
Training takes 3-7 hours per week, depending on your investment of time.

You're Guaranteed to: 

      • Build confidence in the public eye.
      • Open up your third-eye.
      • Prepare for greater growth.
      • Develop more mental strength and flexibility.
      • Create rewarding connection and greater credibility.
      • Sharpen skills sharing such, with others in your community.
      • Learn how to Energize Fresh Thinking with the Whether System™.
      • Understand the added-value in insight extraction – information.
      • Become a better objective facilitator – made easier.
        • Managing dynamics.
        • Energizing interactivity.
        • Tools and techniques.
        • Prep lists and plans.
        • Presentation skills.
        • Other stuff…
      • Further fundamentals for Fresh Thinking.
        • Design thinking skills.
        • Parallel thinking.
        • A short history.
        • Mind maps.
        • Strategy maps.
        • Whether Reports.
        • More...
      • Actively engage to your added advantage.
        • Selling success
        • Promoting your position.
        • Business in a box.

30-Day Unrestricted Guarantee

If you're not happy with this training, if you find it's simply not for you, we don't wish to restrict you.  Our vision is to further embolden your mission.  Let us know your position within the first 30 days.

We'll refund your full investment with no further questions asked.


Celia Gates
Creator of the Whether System™
Your trainer for 7-weeks.

Friendly and open, Celia is a multi-award winning inventor, recognized as a leading design thinker, she underwrites strong planet-people ethics with serious scientific study. 'Imagineering' is Walt Disney's word. Here, Celia shows you how to practice the art and science of value-added creativity, constructively and with the power of presence for added energy.  She translates extreme experience facilitating fresh thinking with the Whether System, as simple steps you'll find fun and easy to follow.

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Become A Licensed Whether Facilitator™

Using the Whether System™


The Whether System™ uses parallel thinking combined with critical and creative thinking for innovative and effective decision making.  Regularly, we save three-quarters the average time to reach the right decision - that's 45-minutes in every hour - and people reach better conclusions.

The Whether System™ uses metaphorical thinking.   This stimulates alternative consideration and objective observation.  Weather metaphors create the ideal, balanced, fresh thinking environment which broadens perspective and sparks innovative ideas.

The Whether System™ uses critical constraints to unleash creativity.  Time becomes a measure of change as participants quickly experience transformative thinking.  This re-connects you with a more authentic, empowered and intuitive version of yourself.

Called the biggest upgrade to systemic thinking since the Ancient Greeks by the Athens and Macedonian press agency, paralled to quantum physics by leading academics (and described as alien technology 😃 by others...), using the Whether System™ is quasi meditative - or it's simply a fresh thinking exercise.

Facilitate fresh thinking - it's easier to experience than explain!

5-Streams Studied* in 7-Weeks With Focus on the Whether System
Specifics On Some Subjects:

Fresh Thinking
For Effective Communication
Develop higher order advanced thinking skills and teach effectively.

    • Everyone is able even when will is in the way.
    • Overcoming inherent fears; fuel or fresh thinking.
    • The pain and gain in perfection.
    • Value-added creativity.
    • Imagination stimulation - tricks and tips.
    • Design cycles and cycles of success.
    • Design thinking fundamentals.
    • Advanced design thinking.
    • Designer decision-making.
    • Purpose, practice and prototypes.
    • Visual imaging and imagineering.
    • Alternative learning and teaching.
    • Tools for fresh thinking.
    • Techniques to teach.

Above is an outline of a few areas we'll cover.  Contact us to arrange a consultation call and learn more.


0 to 100

For Productive Collaboration
Learn best practice group facilitation methods and techniques.

Contact us to arrange a consultation call and learn more.


0 to 100

Innovation and Transformation 
Knowhow to accelerate group growth and create a constructive company culture.



Powered Performance
Strengthen collective energy, boost productivity and increase overall results.

  • Mind maps and bench marking
  • Startegy maps and accountability
  • Whether Reports and reality
  • Measuring and monitoring happiness
  • Extracting insight from observation
  • Valuing information
  • Whether Forecasting

Results are also relative to:

  • Your personal journey
  • Constructive interconnection



Added Values and Visdom
Recognize the real rewards in constructively facilitating fresh thinking and gain great growth.

  • Planning and Strategy
  • Decision Making
  • Keyman Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Board Facilitating
  • Teambuilding
  • Away Days
  • Mediation
  • Mission Clarification
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Project Meetings
  • Customer Forums
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Group Conferences
  • Energized Events



*Subjects may be studied literally, in conversation or by practical application, encouraged during this training, as group interaction.

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After 7-Weeks, As A Fearless Fresh Thinker
You'll Be A Licensed Whether Facilitator™ 

The Businss-In-A-Box Addon
As a Licensed Whether Facilitator™ you’ll learn:

✔ How to identify and target ideal prospects; the ones most likely to respond to your delivery of this process.
✔ The seven-part formula for creating events, delivering excellent content and making strong client connections.
✔ Converting potential connections into paying friends; people valuing the skills, services and support you continue to offer – with lead connection, conversion and convection techniques, proven to work.
✔ How to determine your ideal number of clients by imagineering target income and lifestyle goals.
✔ Exactly what to charge per client to design the perfect practice.
✔ Soft sales strategies you can confidently deliver even if you feel shy.
✔ Your most valuable work; the work that produces the real rewards.

Daily Rate Potential;


Invest today, for early-bird advantage

7-Week Fearless Fresh Thinking Facilitation Training
Starts Live on 4  September 2019

This Fearless Fresh Thinking Facilitation Training is a seven-week online class specifically for Leaders, Thought-Influencers, Managers, Teachers, Team-Builders, Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Trainers and Facilitators of Fresh Thinking.

During this training you’ll learn:

✔ Advanced design thinking skills.
✔ Fresh facilitation techniques.
✔ Innovation generation hacks.
✔ Where confidence comes from.
✔ The power of pure presence.
✔ How to master objective observation.
✔ How to read the collective conscious.
✔ Reflecting real value from relative results.
✔ How to monitor and map organic growth.
✔ How to measure and improve happiness.
✔ Tools to cultivate constructive cultures.
✔ Skills managing group dynamics.
✔ Points to Promote your position.
✔ Added advantages in diverse, designer decisions.



Included in this Facilitator Training Package:

Energizing Fresh Thinking Books

Experience Fresh Thinking